Tsunami GM-502 8D PUBG purposed Gaming Mouse

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Tsunami GM-502 8D Gaming Mouse User Manual

Dpi Switching Instruction

DPI setting : 500-1000-2000-3000-4000-7000

Light scale is off when DPI = 500

Light scale is at 2 block when DPI = 1000

Light scale is at 2 & 3 block when DPI = 2000

Light scale is at 2 , 3 & 4 block when DPI = 3000

Light scale is at 2 , 3 , 4 & 5 block when DPI = 4000

(1st Block is for appearance design purpose , does not possess lighting effect)

7 Color Breathing Light User Guide:

- Ò-Ò:Switch between normal & PUBG mode

When under normal mode, wheel and Logo default as circular breathing mode

When under PUBG mode , Logo appear as Blue silent light while Wheel as single silent light

- Press G7 button to end recoil suppression mode

o Color of the Wheel represent the respective gun type

_ Green Light = Sub-Machine Gun

_ Red light = Assault riffle

_ Yellow Light = Sniper

Button Function User Guide

- Normal Mode

o Left Click & Right Click Retain normal function

o Ò+Ó button; changes DPI

o Ò-Ò button; switch between Noraml & PUBG mode

o ÒG5Ó button; default as next page function

o ÒG6Ó button; default as previous page function

o ÒG7Ó button; double strike function

- PUBG Mode

o Wheel clicking; Expand map

o ÒG5Ó button; Use Bandage or First Aid

o ÒG6Ó button; Running

o ÒG7Ó button; recoil suppression mode

_ Green Light = Sub-Machine Gun

_ Red light = Assault riffle

_ Yellow Light = Sniper

Product specification

Dimensions: 130(L) x 75(W) x 41(H) mm


Button: ABS

Upper Lid: ABS

Lower Lid: ABS

Wire: 5-Core full copper PVC; high tolerance is rough stretch; anti

static shock ring;

Wheel: Transparent Wheel + Black Anti-Wear&Tear rubber

Matting: Anti-Wear&Tear Aluminum-Magnesium alloy matting

Weight: 126g +- 5g

Connection port: USB

Solution: Avango A3050 + HT82F553

DPI setting : 500 Ð 1000 Ð 2000 Ð 3000 Ð 4000

Default response rate :1000

Button Layout: LB, MB, RB, DPI+, DPI-,Forward Button (G5), Reverse Button( G6),Firing Button (G7)

Light Modes: 7 Color Breathing Light

Custom functions: PUBG mode

Power Requirements : 5.0V DC

Min. Operation Voltage : 4.5V

Max. Operation Voltage : 5.25V

Current Dissipation : 150 +-2.0 Ma

Standby Mode Current : 150 +- 2.0Ma

Sleeping Mode Current : 5+-0.5Ma

Wake Up Mode :Button

Switch : Huyu

Switch Life span : (LB,RB) 10,000,000 times

Support OS : WINDOW 2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win/10

Certification: CE / Rohs